Thursday, April 1, 2010


to all my students, past and present, i would love to hear from you. if you had a positive experience with me as your instructor, write me a note and let me know about it. if you hated my guts as an instructor, well that's too bad! write me a note anyway!


jerry b.


  1. Oh man, i can only say i was so lucky having you as my teacher, and i am happy of having you as my friend, i keept learnig from you even after the course, im very proud of seeing the artist that was teaching me all this time, congratulations for all your art work and career, and thanks for sharing everything you know with us.

    (i hope most of the grammar is correct)


  2. Uncle Jerry! :)
    I'm happy that I finally get a chance to see your work online! Being a student, it's always interesting and inspiring to see the work of people who taught you so much.

    Not only did you teach me about layout design and line quality standards, but I also learned a lot from you about life. It's the things that you didn't know you were teaching that helped me the most. And that's really cool.

    You were positively the most salubrious little sea monkey of them all!

    Thanks for everything!

  3. Hey Jerry, just checked out your website... brilliant stuff!
    Hope you're doing well.


  4. Hey Uncle Jerry!

    I've missed our layout classes and afternoon music sharing. You would play your motown tunes or 90's songs. Bryan, Steve, Todd and I would play our songs... it was awesome. On top of all that, we were learning oodles of things about how to layout our scene in the best possible way. You were definitely one of my favourite teachers at Vanarts.

    You are awesome.


  5. I enjoyed your classes, and you were a cool teacher...though I know, I was hard to teach sometimes, I'm sure I was more unhappy with myself than anyone was with me.
    I was pretty quiet, but I did enjoy going outside for soccer even if I wasnt too involved at times, it was pretty cool that you did that with your students.

    I thought it was funny when you and Derek picked on each other :p.

    Anyways, hope you are well, and some of the other guys-I got myself screwed over since I left XD...I humour it enthusiastically.

    Angela =(o.o)=

  6. hey jerry,
    i don't know if i ever told you but before i went to vanarts i really hoped that we wouldn't have to draw backgrounds because i was sure i was going to hate it. but your layout class was so enlightening and enjoyable, it was great to discover how much fun making these drawings could be. i'd even like to continue learning more on layout design on my own (if i can ever manage the self-discipline).

  7. It has been a pleasure to have studied under you sir!

    Managed to learn a lot, and will definitely put what I've learnt into good use in the future =)

    Definitely missed your classes, and now that I'm here back in Singapore, I'll definitely miss the Friday Soccer sessions as well.

    Very beautiful stuffs placed at your site as well, had it bookmarked! =D

    Till next time!

    Live Long and Prosper _\\//
    - Zeph

  8. Hey Jerry,

    It's awesome to see your work, fantastic stuff! Hopefully my backgrounds will look half as good as yours. I just wanted to say I would have been hooped if we didn't learn some of Harmony.

    I wish we could have done more layout classes. I think I could have had a whole year just on creating environments. You made those classes really enjoyable and helped me out a lot and made me much better! With those classes I can see where I can get to if I work hard.

    Thanks again Jerry I will try to get out to soccer one of these days.

  9. awwwwww.. Jerry-san :D
    Miss you and your classes so much, it's so awesome you finally uploaded your work. Thank you for an awesome year full of bg's and crazy soccer.

  10. Hey Jerry!

    You were definitely one of the highlights of my time at Vanarts! Your Storyboarding classes were really great and inspiring! Couldn't ask for a better teacher! ALSO it's great to see your work online!!! Really beautiful drawings!

  11. Mango!

    You know, I always thought backgrounds and layouts were my weak point, but somehow I managed to do rather well in your class. I suppose it must've been your stupendous teaching skills.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Jerry,
    you're oh my god, I mean, Oh MY GOD! OH MY GOOOOOOOD!

    THank you so much,
    you're not just a teacher, you're a human.-

  13. Jerry,

    Those kids will never know what theyre missing out on by not having you as a teacher.
    By far one of the best parts of my school year

  14. Suuup Jerry,

    How are you?

    You are a great teacher!

    I just checked out your blog... awesome stuff! Congrats!! You are the best!

    If you want to come to Brazil, you have a place to stay! "mi casa su casa"

    Good luck my friend!! =D

    1. Hi Humbero,thanks so much! You were an awesome student and so much fun.I remember how we used to joke around. Hope everything is great for you. I'll visit you if I ever get to Brazil!

  15. I love you Jerry ! I had a great time at vanarts, I had learned a lot from you as well.y
    You had always given me practical advises which really helped me in the Industry.